With Monzo in the press today with its drive towards reducing the amount of paper receipts.

An idea to advertise the fact that Monzo is an environmentally aware bank.
Maybe as a reward or for a small cost Monzo could produce reusable coffee cups with the Monzo logo on.

Then when non Monzo users see these it would be a form of latent advertising that Monzo are an environmentally aware bank. Also helping with the drive to reduce the usage of disposable coffee cups.


What press is the receipt thing in?

Wouldn’t say no.


Online it came up in my feed . It’s online news feeds like wired… Just searched again on Google … Monzo receipts

Yeah right. I’m sure the environmental ‘benefit’ of not issuing a receipt is more than overcome by the amount of single–use plastic cutlery, and non–recyclable plasticised food and drink containers given away by Eat, Pod, Itsu and Costa – the only four retailers to use Flux.


Ah. I read press and think the big guns. I did google but thought I’d missed something bigger

And whilst most receipts printed on heat–sensitive paper are a scourge (they’re not recyclable) I’m also never truly convinced that encouraging the creation of more and more energy–guzzling servers, running 24/7, to store all this data is actually better for the environment anyway.

I think you’d be surprised:

Basically, digital receipts are much better for the environment than paper receipts (+ they’re much cheaper).