Enhancement Request : Font colour to differ from background image

Hi, First post so apologies if this is in the wrong place but wondered if its possible to propose the following app change.

When sending a message to support via the app the user interface doesn’t take account of the colour/background of any image which is being sent.

This was a problem as I couldn’t see the white ‘send’ button when trying to send a white screen grab to the support team.

This caused me to momentarily feel old and technologically redundant as I couldn’t work out how to send the photo :sweat:

Worked it out in the end but if the buttons could change colour or be non white (if the background colour is the same/similar) then this would save the problem happening with others.



I had this exact problem yesterday, could not figure out how to send the image for a while. It doesn’t help that the ‘Send’ button moves from the bottom of the screen when sending text, to the top when sending an image, so I wasn’t even looking in the right place. Since a lot of Monzo screens are mainly white, this must be a common occurrence.


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