Energy Prices

Can anyone help me im trying to find a energy company that had good prices if you got a key meter

You are best going on a price comparison site such as compare the market to input your own meter readings. See which is cheapest.

If Bulb is one of them, they seem to be at the moment, let me know, I’ll send you my referral code so we both get £50.

But like I said check beforehand

Ok thanks Monzo Buddy

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They dont do prepay

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I’ve just clicked on my referral link to have a look, when you get to around the 5th stage it asked for meter type, here’s the link. Just make sure if you do sign up, do it through this for the £50

Bulb is good but aren’t necessarily the best price for pre paid meters (last I checked before the price increases by other providers), you’ll need to shop around and check prices.

You can also switch off of a pre paid meter unless your on a plan by the energy company for unpaid bills etc.

That’s why you need to compare with your personal meter readings

Where do i enter referal code

Sorry i prefur to keep my key and card they wont let me

If it’s cheaper and your are happy, close down the page you got the quote on, then click this link and fill in the form, it will automatically make the referal.

When you click the link, it should say the referral from Martin