Emma VIP tickets

Share your tickets here :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:

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Got a VIP ticket if anyone wants it :tada:


Ditto :slight_smile: …

:star_struck: I have one as well

:raising_hand_man: yes please :blush:

Send me a message if you still need it :+1:

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I will have it if it has not yet gone!


Did you get the ticket ?

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Thanks. I had four people send me tickets, so no need for anyone else to send me one.

I’ll take a ticket if there is a spare one flying around. :pray:

Would like to hear your view on the app
I’m struggling to get the TSB account uploaded

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Thank you, I redeemed the 2nd link.

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Thank you @anon44204028

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Claimed thanks

Here is an another Emma VIP

I have only connected Monzo as none of my other banks are on EMMA so I can’t really assist with adding TSB to that. I have however helped a friend add TSB to their Yolt app and that worked fine, so I am sure it should be easy in EMMA too. Maybe @edo1493 can help you? He should be Online thru their (EMMA) chat.

If anyone had a referral for me I’d be eternally grateful :grin:

have you tried clicking on any of the links above?

All used