Emergency fund

Would be a nice feature if Monzo worked out how much you should have in an emergency fund.
Set one of your pots as your emergency fund, and monzo can calculate roughly how much you should have in there based on previous months income and outgoings.

This is feature that is available called ‘Safety Net’.


You will find the Monzo ‘Safety Net’ option inside the Pots tab. It calculates the emergency amount you need for 1 month based on your spending.

Thanks! I had not seen this previously. I would suggest that the options & suggestions would be more towards the generally recommended 3-6 months.



Then multiply the figure it gives you.

Yeah, it would be good if you could tell it how many months you wanted. I just ignored the number it gave me and worked my own amount out but the blurb on the pot still says 31 days :neutral_face:

Can’t you set the target to one month worth, and then you could keep saving until the number said 90 days if you wanted 3 months, etc.?

The number doesn’t change, I’ve got six months in there and it says I’ve met my 31 day target.

Just would be a good feature to promote positive savings habits. Probably an easy one to implement too. Obviously could just multiply the number but not as nice for the UX.