Emergency pot based on months left assuming no income

Can Monzo do pots that show you how long your “emergency pot” money would last based on your fixed outgoings / budget over the previous given month(s).

So for example say your fixed outgoings / budget is £1,000 per month or has been for the last 6 months (better yet use averaging so it smooths out up and down months) it will then show in your “emergency” pot how many months you can go for without receiving an income.

Eg in this case based on £1k monthly spend if there’s £6k in the emergency pot you have 6 months of income free living or money. Which it will show as an illustration figure in the pot / app.

Encourages saving and falls into the Monzo ethos of helping ppl save etc. Can also help financial anxiety over job moves / losses etc. Therefore more financial empowerment as you see the duration go up.

Wow. That idea is truly visionary. Monzo should incorporate this asap. I would luv a feature like this. absolutely luv it! I’m always skint because no one tells me to that I’m spending too much. This would sort me right out!


Hello Bharat. Welcome to the community!


thanks Michael!

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This would be a great idea, a bit like forecasting for your financial future. I like it.


I really like this idea! :ok_hand:


This is an awesome idea! Anything which encourages savings will be a positive, I could even use this now in my current situation. @monzo when do you think this can implemented?

Amazing tool for those who are free lance or on zero hour’s contracts and have uncertainty over next month’s pay cheque.


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