Emergency Balance - MonzoBox for everything

(Giuseppe Dones) #1

Hi there,
I’m happy to join in this amazing network!

I’m sorry if my English is not perfect. I would share an idea for this great bank app.

Sometimes some people (students, travellers, workers, officers) need to travel around the world without notice or during the time can spend too much money.

Monzo will be a greatful full bank and more people will send salaries directly.
I think that a feature like a moneybox (called MonzoBox) with weekly/monthly top up (10£-20£-50£)… you can setup on app: "Activate MonzoBox—> how much money do you want to save weekly/monthly? After setting the box will be top-up automatically from avaible balance. If you don’t have money monzo send a notification: “Hi $user you have not balance to top-up your MonzoBox. Would you brake it or you need to top-up etc…”) is a good solution to save money and use when you have an emergency. (The balance is separated from the avaible money and you can use it after activating it “Brake MonzoBox” and confirm with fingerprint or pin. (After verify account. Maximum balance 5000£ or more I don’t know :slight_smile: ).

I hope that you like it.
Let me know.



similar to posts on money / savings pots.

(Josh Bray) #3

This just sounds like a more friendly version of setting up a standing order to go to a savings account. ATM this isn’t possible as monzo isn’t a full bank yet (still in the mobilisation phase) but once they come out of that they have said that people will be able to have sub accounts where this kind of thing can be accomplished

(Giuseppe Dones) #4

Exactly because monzo is a smart user fiendly mobile bank!

My job is just to find and think user friendly solutions/feature on platforms combinated with the best marketing working with devs team. I will use monzo, I will came back in London this Sunday. I hope that you liked this feature ideas!

Let’s start to become a full bank (the best). If I will have new ideas I will write :).

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile: :muscle: