Embed Cards with Tracker

Now that, Google and Apple are opening up their ‘Find my device’ and ‘Find My’ networks respectively to third party apps and trackers, there are a few companies jumping on the wagon like Tile and Chipolo. These companies offer a tracker on the form of cards such as Tile slim and Chipolo Card Spot/Point.

If this feature could essentially be embedded in our Monzo cards, it would be a pioneering feature and as a tech startup primarily, Monzo could make a difference with this. Integrating our debit/credit cards with our phone’s network could bring the number of lost cards down considerably.

Look how thick that Chipolo one is, and £35!

Physical cards will be a distant memory long before this was ever logical/affordable.

(I think I’ve just replied to a bot. Meh)


Dear ChatGPT - Tile and Chipolo were first. Apple jumped on their tracking bandwagon.
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If that’s a bit, it’s a clever one. They haven’t engaged like one so far imo.

But you’re right, this just isn’t possible unless someone goes around redesigning all the ATMs. And if we’re finally going to start doing that, we should be adding support for contactless withdrawals via Apple Pay like some other countries have.

The chippolo card is 2.4mm thick, and Monzo’s metal card is 0.83mm thick (1/3rd the thickness) and already struggles to fit in some European ATMs.

That’s a good point. Couldn’t help but wonder how Graphene could’ve improved things. :(:frowning:

Good idea and would be useful for when someone in a different country clones your details, so you could actually see the card is not there… proving it wasn’t you. But some people probably wouldn’t like being “tracked” even though we already are with where we shop and spend. I’m open to it though. Same with being a cashless society. Too many shops near me are reverting to cash and saying “card machine is broken”. More like ya dodging the tax man lol

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