Where's my card?

(Will White) #1

I can’t find my wallet this morning, so I’ve frozen my card. Would be cool if it could tell me where my card was too.

(Andy Little) #2

I’m not sure how they would implement such a feature. The card would need GPS and a SIM card if you want long range tracking. Or a simple RF receiver and buzzer for just finding it at home.

Both would drastically increase the price of producing cards and shorten their lifespan (as the card would need onboard power).

(Ben Green) #3

You can small separate devices like Tile and Trackr. They solve the problem of having it permanently attached to the card, but the user still has to buy it and replace the battery every few months (at best).

(Andy Little) #4

I can see the benefit of a bank having something like Trackr built in to the cards. But I think it would have to be chargeable to the individual consumers.

@willwhite you can see where your last transaction was, maybe you left your wallet there? It’s worth a phone call to check, I expect. Also worth phoning the police, someone might have handed it in.

(Will White) #5

I’ve found my wallet!

(Will White) #6

Thanks Andy. Those tips would be helpful in the app too.

(Ash Kierans) #7

I was incredibly disappointed with my Trackr when it arrived, bought two of them in, buy one get one free just after they were out of their crowd funding stage, battery didn’t even last 2 weeks, and the Bluetooth connection was very temperamental…