Monzo Bank Card with GPS built in

(Rory Stephen) #1

After mislaying my wallet again this morning…then finding it
Google search came up with this
I then thought would be very cool if Monzo cards had them built in, no more wallet drama, Monzo community users would help each other find their lost wallet :slight_smile:
Battery life is 12 months at moment
Would be a banking first though
A bank that goes beyond to help you

(Marta) #2

@RAGS It would be common decency to disclose that your link is a referral link. :slight_smile:
Here’s plain link:

(Frank) #3

It doesn’t look like the tech is quite there:

Chipolo CARD
Thinnest - 2.15 mm

ID-1 Most banking cards - “All card sizes have a thickness of 0.76 mm


or just put a tile in your wallet - I use them all over now

( referral link if you feel generous: )

(Rory Stephen) #5

No money made in the referral link
Pretty nippy to lecture on common decency though
Just sharing an idea, have a good day

(Hugh) #6

Then what’s the point of a referral link?

Regardless, it is a sneaky and misleading thing to do. Monzo thrives on transparency and openness, not people hiding things for personal gain.

(Rory Stephen) #7

Ok note to self, if I choose to share an idea with the Monzo community with a referral link in the future (with NO financial gain) I promise to highlight it and then I won’t have to discuss it rather than the idea I was putting out there to help fellow users.

(Hugh) #8

As I say, what’s the point of a referral link which has no gain for you?

As for your idea, yes, but Monzo already offers really easy ways to freeze and get your card replaced so it is a fairly painless process? Also, the card standards are set by Mastercard so what they’d think of baking this in remains to be seen.
There are stories of people who have had their card stolen, tracking the thieves down by the payments they make because Monzo obviously displays the transaction location.

(Rory Stephen) #9

Was thinking it would be useful to know the location of your card and thus your wallet in the future
Maybe not so useful then lol

(Rory Stephen) #10

Maybe I’ll just get a tracker for my wallet lol

( #11

I want a GPS tracker I can attach to my children. My eldest starts school in the next weeks and I’m terrified.

(Hugh) #12

I’m sure they made that illegal a while ago :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rory Stephen) #13

People put them on chains or on school bags already…

(Rory Stephen) #14

Use my referral link…

( #15

They probably did :frowning:

But someone could remove that easily.

(Rory Stephen) #16

Get one implanted with medical procedure lol

( #17

I know the odds of them getting kidnapped are really low but it still fills my heart with dread. If I could get one implanted I’d do it :smiley:

(Rory Stephen) #18

I’m sure your kid will be fine
Might be a nightmare to change the battery post op

( #19

Kinetic energy is where it’s at!

(Frank) #20

Telematics is the way forward! You might have to wait until they start driving until you know their every move.