Email receipts


Any possibility of attaching an email receipt to a payment?

Attach PDF (and any other format) to transactions
Ability to add an email as a receipt
Automagically pull receipts/invoices into Monzo from email account

it depends what format it is if the receipt attached to the email is jpg, gif, png, it will attach but if it is pdf it won’t

(That’s on Android version of the app)

(Bob) #3

I take a screenshot of the receipt and add photo from library to payment.

(Andrew Ross) #4

I think it needs careful consideration on how this is done. Although I like the idea of photographing receipts I would not want them to automatically go into my photo library.

(Marta) #5

I think it should be done via email. Monzo could have alias set up for this purposes.

User would forward an email with receipt and Monzo should be able to automatically match it, various factors should make it quite definitive: by price, merchant name and lastly timedate stamp to a transaction. Failure rate should be really low, but it would be good to allow user to match it manually if there’s a need.

Degrading rich data in an email into bunch of pixels is absolutely barbaric.:flushed: Monzo can archive email for us and ideally, even allow us to print it when the need arises. Archiving an email also takes up less space than archiving a photo.

Automagically pull receipts/invoices into Monzo from email account
Forward receipt emails to Monzo
(Darren G) #6

The problem is getting the receipt data from the hardware/POI and passing it onto Monzo to store the data.

I expect the process might look like:

  1. POI registers payment and completes authorization
  2. POI creates digital image of receipt and associates to date / time (‘Reference Data’) etc. (data needed to identify merchant and cardholder)
  3. Based on the card (Monzo) BIN the receipt image is transmitted to the Monzo end point, with the transaction Reference Data.
  4. Monzo associate image to specific transaction base Reference Data.
  5. Image appears on the Monzo app.

This is just one option i guess, and without knowing how Monzo technically fits together, there might be a better solution :slight_smile:


(Naji Esiri) #7

Forgive me, this might be a really silly question! How useful/important is a method to archive your receipts in a context other than reference for business expenses?

(Tommy Long) #8

Rather than receipts@, you’d want something like receipts+{accountId}@ or receipts+{}@ or even {}+receipts@ (that way you could have multiple functions, all beginning with your ID).

(Darren G) #9

Digital receipts can be used for refunds and returns, and have the same legal clout as a physical receipt.

Also, by moving to digital receipts it would empower hardware manufacturers to move away from bulky POS hardware to take card payments in stores.

So very useful.

(Andrew Schofield) #10

For me, because of the limited number of categories available, and the lack of ability to split a transaction into multiple categories, I need to keep copies of receipts so that I can reconcile a transaction into my budgeting spreadsheet.

(Naji Esiri) #11

All makes sense, thanks! Potentially if we were to introduce a more effective way to ‘tag’ transactions, the need to store receipts wouldn’t be as important in your case @uncle_fungus ? :+1:

(Andrew Schofield) #12

Depends how it was implemented. At the moment I need to be able to essentially break-down a transaction into several more fine-grained categories than the ones available. If I were able to click on a transaction and have a list of “tags” along with their associated values then this might work.

Having a summary of tags as well as categories on the spending tab would potentially be helpful too.

Off topic, but if we could apply targets to tags that would be even better :thumbsup:

(Marta) #13

Yeah, good point. It would allow us to send receipts from any email. Although creation of this alias could be point where many mistakes are made and stuff gets inadvertently sent to the wrong place.

I share grocery bills with flatmate. Rather than forwarding an email, ideally in the future, I will split the bill and attach receipt (from email preferably) in one slick move. I want to keep them for my records in general and at the same time - I want to stop caring about receipts in my email, as it’s becoming single point of failure. If anyone ever deleted something on my account, it would be such a mess.

I also think it can enrich data that Monzo has about each transaction. Monzo could offer me insight how much I saved because I used vouchers, in general or per merchant. How much tax was on products I purchased. What was average price for a product. I’d love to get access to stuff like that, and it’s not doable without full receipts stored on Monzo’s side.

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #14

@uncle_fungus if you don’t mind sharing, can you give some examples of the further level of granularity within a category that you are looking for? :thinking:

@Naji I agree with Avishai that a full receipt can unlock a lot of value, for example it could be a nice way to automatically receive and redeem item specific loyalty. A lot of coffee shops give stamps for coffee but not food, i.e. get a stamp when a ‘Flat White’ is purchased at a coffee shop but not when you buy a ‘Brownie’. Is that along the lines you were thinking around vouchers @Avishai or was it something else?

(Andrew Schofield) #15

Sure, one example would be splitting the groceries category to identify how much we as a family spend on food (i.e. not including toiletries, household items, medicine etc.).
Bills would be another one where my current strategy assigns a monthly target for each so I can see at a glance what the breakdown is. This is particularly important when budgeting for ad-hoc or yearly expenses which may come under “bills” like house insurance. I know I need to assign x per month to that category and stick it in savings.

(Marta) #16

No, I literally mean vouchers :sweat_smile:. For example, I usually buy around £40 a week of stuff from Ocado. If Monzo could check my receipt, then it would be clear that I used voucher for £3 and I also saved £1.50 on buy one, get one free, but final price was £40 (£40 Monzo already knows, but clueless about £4.50 saved).

While obviously £3+£1.5 is not ‘money’ for monzo, because I spent £40 nonetheless, it could be shown on targets. In other words, Monzo could offer me insight, that I spent £99 out of £100 target for groceries, but vouchers&savings ‘helped me’ reduce targets by £4.50, otherwise I would have gone over the target.

I have no patience to calculate it manually. I see other possibilities - t could give user some power to compare percentage savings between different stores, theoretically allowing me to buy ‘more’ for less money. It’s quite debatable, because some prices are inflated, only to discount item later.

TL;DR version: if Monzo would parse receipts and pull vouchers/savings/discounts from receipts, it could be used to:

  • Compare savings betwen shops
  • Put more depth into targets
  • Do some nice yearly stats (“Do you know that you saved £89.99 with Ocado?”)
  • Maybe do some cross-customer stats, but could be a bit too intrusive ("Do you know that users pay about 5% less due to savings on their M&S shopping, but you managed to pay 7% less! Great job! We award you with “Cheapskate :moneybag:” badge today!)

Here’s fragment of my Ocado receipt, they are quite detailed:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #17

Cheers @uncle_fungus, I wasn’t thinking about those ad-hoc purchases but it makes a lot of sense when budgeting, as does having categories such as ‘medicine’ or ‘toiletries’. :thumbsup:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #18

That would be cool! Something I really like about Ocado if their money back / price match guarantee which automatically debits my account a few days later. It would also be awesome if this could happen in the offline world to as I still spend a lot there…

Do you mean somewhat like a leaderboard? :trophy: If it was anonymous it might be interesting, there could even be badges for :coffee: addicts like me!

(Marta) #19

Nah, I’m not really into gamification as such, and leaderboard would be quite complex for low value for users. :laughing:

That one was also about offering depth into your finances and spending by comparing you to average based on other users. In particular example I gave for M&S, you know you did more than average to try and find savings. Monzo effectively tells you that you did really well in paying less - that’s valuable insight.
If ‘note’ would be that you saved only 1%, in comparison to 5% savings that average M&S customer did, it means you could put a bit more focus on spending habits and try to do more rationalised shopping. Insight: you are not utilising vouchers, offers and discounts like other users are.

Badge remark was ironic/sarcastic, I highly doubt Monzo would call users cheapskates. :smiley:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #20

The insights would definitely be valuable and could kick me into being more aware of looking out for savings & vouchers. I find the tough part is what’s next and how do I go about finding ways to save as those that have managed to save 5% have? :thinking:

Yup, I got that! :wink: