Email marketing tips

Hey guys, just like some advice about this! It’s weird that I’ve made it to 54 without ever using email marketing, but better late than ever. So have my flashy wix website sorted and it’s out in the world. There’s a free email marketing available, but it’s confusing for me! It say s I can have 3 campaigns a month with 5,000 emails! So would that be 3 different offers? To the said contacts or? 5,000 sounds very generous. But too many beers as a teenager must have killed the cells of thinking. It’s a therapy business I’m running.

Thanks for any advice all…Tay safe

It sounds like 3 email blasts each to a list of up to 5k addresses


Email marketing is a very dated method of promoting your business and with an open rate of ~3% being considered good it’s very hit or miss.

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