Just a little bit of marketing feedback [multiple unsolicited loan adverts]

I thought I’d offer Monzo a little marketing feedback here.

To be clear, I’m signed up for marketing messages from Monzo and don’t really mind receiving them.


I received an email offering me a loan. All well and good. I don’t want a loan, so binned the email.

Next day I get a notification offering me a loan. I opened the notification, read a bit about loans, and went about my day.

Next day I get another notification about a loan. I ignored it.

I thought that might’ve suggested to Monzo that a loan wasn’t really something I’m after right now.

It didn’t.

Today I received an email saying that they’d noticed that I was reading about loans, and that maybe I’d like one.

I wouldn’t.

Thanks for your interest (pun intended) Monzo, but the reason I haven’t applied for a loan is because I don’t want one.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t mind receiving marketing, but I do think that four messages in a week comes across as a bit needy.


I find this type of marketing extremely creepy. Nothing puts me off a product faster.






Have you got lending promotions turned off? I’m not sure if this also affects the loan emails but maybe it does.

BTW I agree with @N26throwaway it’s predatory.


No. I don’t mind the messages. I just thought that four in a week was a bit excessive, and the last one was a bit creepy.


Fair. I turned mine off for this reason.

I really don’t understand Monzo here. In app offers sure I sort of get. It’s a product and they need to be offering it along with other revenue generating lines.

But it should be dismissible and if you do it should hide for a period of time. That’s what a number of others do.

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Mines turned off but I’m still getting emails advertising loans and overdrafts. Very regular aswell.

That’s weird. I’ve got it turned off and I hear nothing from Monzo (apart from the odd update to Ts and Cs etc).

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It could just be bugged on my end, I’ll turn it on then a few hours later turn it off again see if that updates things as it is strange.

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If it carries on, I’d definitely write to them. It’s non-compliant and needs to be fixed.


Not had a single loan promotion through since I switched off that part… Job done

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I’m getting bombarded with Monzo loan offers, a few emails, but mainly thru the app. Would be nice if ‘no’ meant ‘no’!!!

Also getting bombarded. I would not like a loan, and insisting I should take out a loan when I don’t need one makes me suspicious as to why I’m getting the ad.

“Should I be using monzo for a loan? Why does monzo need me to get a loan from them so badly? Why are they so keen for me to owe them money?”

None of those were questions I had until the barrage.

After saying don’t badger me for 60 days I got another push notification this afternoon. Go figure.