Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime, etc)

I expect that the Latin American and European cities might be feeling the squeeze from local competition. It’d be interesting to know why the US cities were chosen though. Those fleets will just be moved to other cities. Minneapolis didn’t have them when I was there last April and it seems there’s now a small fleet. I’m sure the same is true in other cities.

Lime is the only one of these firms I actually used. They’re great for getting around - used them in Poznan and Munich.

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Interesting reading

What’s notable about this is that he was charged with drink driving and careless driving as he would’ve been regardless of the type of motor vehicle being driven.

Whilst the story is about the fact he’s been on a PLEV (which is illegal on a road or footpath), what I find even more interesting is that (it would appear from the news story) he has not been charged with driving with no insurance or driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence …which are the offences committed for rising these vehicles.

I read on Facebook about a guy who was ticketed… A few weeks later they simply dropped the charge.

I don’t think it’s being enforced, perhaps due to volume or a changing tide, or they are aware of upcoming changes to legislation perhaps.

Ah, Facebook. Must be true.

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He posted photos of all the documents. I saw them myself. Both the original ticketing and the subsequent letter saying the charge was dropped.

Which comes back to my original point of the story I posted, what’s interesting about it is that the driver appears not to have been charged for driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and with no insurance. (If you can believe what you read in The Sun)

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Fingers crossed, we might have awesome scooter summer of 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like the government consultation happens this month :crossed_fingers:


Some fantastic news here amidst the bleakness. And happy to see the West Midlands as part of the trial.


Sad… paywall.

Try this link:



Google the title “E-scooters to be allowed on roads in government trials” and you’ll find one of the links works

Intriguing way to lay off employees at Bird… A 2 minute zoom firing announcement followed by automatic restart and log off … :exploding_head:

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oh wow - that’s crazy. I really don’t understand how someone thought that would be an OK way to fire their staff, regardless of the situation.

Anyone have one , are they good in your experiences? And they were banned in the UK but I heard they’re allowed

Edit: done some research and they’re not permitted on the road or pavement
I knew it didn’t look right when I saw some bugger riding one yesterday

Fair enough
I think they’re dangerous on the road and the path. Not to mention very expensive ( decent ones start around £500)

Think I’ll stick to my push bike for burning calories

The trials are starting here in Birmingham next month! Can’t wait.