Ebay/PayPal Payment to two Vendors. One Immediately Refunded?

Hi People. I purchased two items on ebay recently at the same time, each one from a diferent Vendor.

The consolidated amount was taken from my Monzo account, but then immediately the value of one of the items was refunded to me. I don’t understand why.

I’ve contacted the vendor of item I’ve been refunded for. They’re still going ahead with the order but are asking me to confirm if the funds have gone out. The answer appears to be no, but again I’d like to know why.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Am I reading this wrong or have you still paid for both?

£151.88 is the total of both, no?

You paid for both, then paid again for the more expensive one, then you’ve been refunded for that?


Or is that it coming back in from a pot?


I think you’re best speaking to eBay.

Monzo only act on instruction, so it seems like they’ve done their bit.

  • You authorised £151.88 to be paid to eBay
  • Monzo gave eBay that money
  • eBay sent part of it back.

So with the last point in mind, I’d be asking eBay why they returned it. I don’t think Monzo will be able to tell you why another company sent you money.

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That might be right actually. The funds for one item were taken twice. Why? Who knows.

1st Posting (bottom line): The consolidated funds of two items taken by eBay, per my request on checkout.
2nd Posting: An independent debit request for funds by the vendor of the item costing £106.89. (even though the funds for this purchase had been taken in the 1st Posting).
3rd Posting: A refund of £106.89 to balance it out.

I may still speak with ebay about why this happened. The duplication seems silly.

But yeah, thank you guys. A 4EyeCheck is always worthwhile.


Actually I think you’re right.

I originally thought the middle transaction was from a pot but it’s not in green. So it looks like the following happened:

  • Paid for both the bookcase and end table totaling: £151.88
  • Paid for the bookcase £106.89
  • eBay realised their mistake of charging twice for the bookcase and refunded it

Just need the OP to elaborate on the middle transaction they’ve redacted.

Still sounds like a question for eBay though.

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