Quick donate function

I’d really appreciate a well-placed feature that allows me, on a whim, to donate to charity.

For example I might have the app open and see someone has transferred me money for a coffee I bought them as a gift, and decide to donate it rather than arguing with them to take back the money. It’d be great if I can just click “donate” and choose a charity.

Or, on a similar note, if I could choose to donate my spare change to charity rather than to my savings pot. I think that would be really neat and also be great for Monzo’s CSR reputation :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t you just set up a monthly direct debit to some charities?

I have to ask… who is just transferring you money for something you gifted to them? Surely you just don’t give them your bank details :slight_smile:

This sounds similar to charity pots which is marked as coming soon.

I’ve not really read much detail as I think it’s a waste giving money to charities but the link is below if you’d like to read more.

Really? Why is that if you dont mind me asking?

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Sorry I should have either left that bit out or elaborated on it :sweat_smile:

It’s because only a very small percentage of your money actually goes towards the cause. Expecially with larger charities. I’d much rather donate items, do volunteering, provide services and so on.

For example. I’ve built websites, I’ve worked in soup kitchens, I donate my unwanted items instead of selling them, I’ve done various DIY stuff to places, I’ve provided a temporary foster home for dogs and so on.

It’s just personal preference and that I can physically see that I’m actually helping instead of wondering what it went towards or if it made a difference. My main concern with money is that it just lines some of the directors pockets.

Very quick replies everyone, thank you!

MalaiseForever well yes, but the point is that this would be about being able to donate spur of the moment as well as having those regular donations

@anon75400416 friends either have monzo (so don’t need my bank details) or often already have my bank details

@Ordog cool, didn’t know about charity pots so thanks for sharing. Interesting point on donations and get where you’re coming from, although if you look at charities’ annual reports they have to show you what percentage is spent in various ways and it’s usually pretty decent. You’re right to point out that this can feel less effective for larger charities though. I’d recommend looking at the effective altruism movement if it’s something that bothers you (and, of course, donating through your time and effort is equally commendable :slightly_smiling_face:)

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I’ll take a look thank you :+1: :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks @Josh2 for the Effective Altruism push!
Not all charities are created equal - some charities are 100s or 1000s times better at doing good than others. We can do a lot of good in the world, if we want. :slight_smile:

A 1 click donation to a GiveWell recommanded charity like the Malaria Consortium could save an incredible amount of lives through added donations. Heck, if we average just a pound of extra donation a year per Monzo costumer, we can literally save thousands of lives a year.

Sorry if I’m getting carried away, but the prospect of doing so much good in the world always gets me a bit over-excited.

This is something I’ve sort of been referencing in the thread about carbon offsetting.

After I got caught by some Street Charity signer-uppers (or Chuggers), I’ve made it a point of annoyance now to look into the spending of any charity I do give actual cash to, and would tend to only give to those where they can show that 80+% of their donations go towards their cause. Feels like that’s a fair amount in my mind.

There’s been some where if you read the small print on the Chuggers sign up, the charity pays something like £50k to the agency for £75k of donations. It’s those I’m really against.

And while I also agree with the point of, I’d rather give my time/goods/services, there are causes that I care about where my money will do more good than anything else I can offer.

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In some places, the charity sector pays very very well!

And the 100% of profits line, we all know how those costs get escalated.

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