Easy Transfer Payment Link

It’s not that easy.

I’m finding this feature increasingly hard to rely on. It’s amazing when it works but it doesn’t work often.
Payees are often met with a ‘page not found’ error message or if they can get through then their banks take them on a wild security chase to allow the payment. Asking for those passwords and security answers no one ever remembers. I know other bank systems aren’t a Monzo problem but they seem to assume Monzo links are a security risk.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? It wasn’t always like this.

Give them your account number and sort code. Customers of other banks are probably expecting these anyway, rather than a link.

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That is what we end up doing when it doesn’t work but I do prefer the link. It appears more professional and is less faffing around (or should be) at payment having to provide sort codes etc…

I’m a really small business so do everything I can to avoid fees but will probably have to resort to a card terminal soon.

The link is a god send for multiple reasons but I just wish it worked a bit better!

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Please do report this. If you contact support (or DM me) a link to a payment that results in not found we will 100% investigate

Unfortunately I think this is the result of banks raising friction for adding new payees due to APP fraud. In theory the amount of friction they’re allowed to introduce in an Open Banking payment is no more than what the person would have had to go through to make the payment themselves, if this isn’t the case we are allowed to complain but I have no evidence of it

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