Easily switch between accounts when paying from monzo.me link


My wife and I have personal and joint accounts and either I’m doing this wrong or there is a good UI improvement to be made.

If I send a request to split a bill with my wife and the last time she used the Monzo app she was viewing our joint account, when she clicks on the share bill link the payment will be set to come from our joint acount.

The only option if she wants to pay from her personal account is to cancel, go back to personal account, and then click on the link again.

If there was a way, once she has clicked on the link to toggle the ‘from’ account between personal and joint that would make things much simpler.

Perhaps there already is a way to do this and I’m missing it?


No I’ve noticed that clicking a monzo.me takes you to whichever account you were last on in the app. This issue should go away once the new Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝 feature is released as you send the split request directly to an account and it’s approved in the transaction feed rather than from a link.

Interestingly (if you’re as sad as me) you can’t send a monzo.me link from your personal account, then switch to your joint account and try and pay yourself from your joint account; you get a message stating that you can’t pay yourself.