Paying Monzo bill split amount defaulting to joint account

When accepting a payment request from my wife’s account. It defaulted to our joint account and had no obvious way to switch to my personal.
Only realised as there is insufficient money in the joint so got a warning.
I didn’t do anything differently than any other week.
Details to reproduce:
Accept request for payment
Joint account showed on left side of transaction
Android 14
Pixel 6 Pro
App Version:

Whichever account is currently selected on the payments tab (usually the last one you used to send money) will be used for accepting bill split.
If you go to payments tab and switch to personal first, then accept the bill split, it should switch to personal account.

This isn’t really a bug, but a feature request to choose which account to use would be appreciated.

That’s what I thought it would be. But I haven’t sent anything from my joint account.

It was on my personal account when I clicked on the payment.

When I switch accounts. The request doesn’t show.

The only other thing that is different about today is I requested a new card after being prompted that it was about to expire.