Current accounts beta for crowdfunding investors

(Matteo) #1

From what I remember, Crowdcube investors are supposed to be on the front line when current accounts will be available for a limited roll-out…

Do we have any idea when that is going to happen?:hourglass:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Sort of, there’s a card for each group that’ll potentially be given access to the current accounts at a different time on the roadmap, the card for investors is here.

(David watson ) #3

When I asked customer support this question a few weeks back they said investors should Start to get offered accounts end of June beginning of July, followed by those who pledged in the last round and so on, I believe they are currently rolling out to Monzo staff, but this could all change… Sooner hopefully :grin:


Interesting, I hope it happens :slight_smile:

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #5

I guess the time for becoming investor has passed? I have been watching closely, but more recently become more confident in Monzo and interested in investment

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Yes it has I’m afraid -

(Simon Drew) #7

Hello Alex
Is there somewhere to express an interest, so as not to miss out on any future round of investment?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Not at the moment but if you follow Monzo on Facebook / Twitter or just keep an eye on the posts in this community, you’ll get plenty notice before the next round starts :slight_smile:


I believe last time there were notifications from the app, and an email too for investment pledges

(Ross) #10

Does anyone have any further updates on this?


(Marta) #11

I’m afraid no solid dates have been shared by Monzo yet via any channels. It shouldn’t be much longer, because ‘end of summer’ is approaching and we didn’t get any information that it will be later than promised. :smiley:

(Ross) #12

We didn’t get a summer in Scotland :joy:

(Alan) #13

Was gonna say, we get about a week of summer per year and that’s been and gone already with the 30 degree heatwave we had a few weeks back

(Jacqueline) #14

Summer did happen in Scotland, it was just a couple of months too early :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Matteo) #15

@tristan I saw you recently moved the card in the near term column on trello.
can you share any more accurate timeline? :smiley:

(Rika Raybould) #16

We’ve started rolling these out. Check the blog post below for more information. :tada:

(Lewis) #17

Is there anyway I can get a Current Account quicker?

I was on the waiting list a year ago, but couldn’t sign up to Monzo until they had an Android app. Now have an iPhone anyway! Tried to invest too, but wasn’t accepted…

Happy to attend an event in person if that guarantees me one!

(Alex Sherwood) #18

Unfortunately for you, there’s quite a few other people who would be happy to as well :wink:

This blog explains how to apply for the current account preview -

(Jacob Swift) #19

Hey! I have invested in both rounds of the funding and have been keeping an eye on the live accounts… We are into the 1000s now and i have not yet recieved an invite despite registering some time ago… How long will it likely take to get invited? It reads as if investors were invited first?

(Colin Robinson) #20

Nope it’s investors and pledgers:

What happens if I register my interest?
From the pool of customers who have registered their interest and are happy to deal with the limitations, we’ll invite people to sign up over the coming months. This selection will generally be random, although at times we may want to pick people based on their location or usage to help us get a broad spread of customers. If you’re a crowdfunding investor or pledged to invest earlier this year, read on below to find out when you’ll get a card.