Dynamic Roundup Feature


I was recently an Oval Money customer before my switch to Monzo and they utilised the roundup feature on purchases (but way less efficient, waiting a week for it to happen!).

However, they allowed for an additional dynamic roundup option to be ticked, where purchases over a certain amount (say £100) allowed you to optionally round up to the nearest tens of pound rather than the nearest pound.

Example: If I spend £141.50 on a coffee machine it would round up to £150, allocating the additional £8.50 to the savings pot, rather then just the 50p

Just a thought but a feature I’d welcome to Monzo’s app, keep the feature optional and let us set the trigger point, would be great!


This sounds really cool. I’d like to see it too. In the meantime it would be possible to through something together with the API, possibly IFTTT