Round up to the nearest £10

The round up to the £1 is great but it’ll take forever to get anywhere. Can you give the option to round up to the £10?

I’ve not seen this as an option, however you may be able to create a IFTTT to do this

What is an ifttt ?

Have a look at this post :slight_smile:

I don’t think the point of it is to save loads really fast, it’s to save and hardly notice.


My very first post was about dynamic round ups.

Lemme find it!


I hope further refinement comes to this type of thing on Monzo. Starling currently have the option to multiply your roundups which gives that extra flexibility to save a little quicker.



That would drive me nuts!

Everything has to be in whole pounds.


Admittedly, I haven’t used it so I don’t know how it behaves exactly. But I can definitely see your point :joy:

@danmullen @nickh

You two use Starling right? Could you shed any light on how the roundups work on the table above? Is it as literal as it sounds?

I’ve only ever had the default “x 1” option on as I too like to see “.00” at the end of my balance! I read it as “x 2” would put twice the round up amount into your Goal, etc.

I’ve been going for 11 months and have just over £200 saved, purely from rounding up. (I did it manually until they released automatic round-ups at the end of last year.)

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Currently you can DOUBLE your Monzo round up by using Monzo’s own round up feature PLUS the IFTTT “Round up my card purchases to the nearest £1” for Monzo at the same time. I use this to round up into two different pots. You can use both for the same pot if want.

A similar feature has been put forward here: it might be a good idea to consolidate these votes on similar features in one place: Round-Up ‘accelerator’

Choose the roundup? Nearest £1, £5, £10 or for the richer peeps, £50/£100?

Get Chip. It’s not quite what you’re suggesting but it analyses your account and saves regular amounts. I’m saving really fast without noticing it.