Pot and Round Up Suggestions

Stop Scheduled Payments into a Pot once the Goal has been reached
Lock a Pot until the Goal has been reached

The ability to round up and split the difference into multiple pots rather than just one.
The ability to specify levels of rounding up, so for example if you pay more than £40 on something you round up to the next £5 or over £100 you round up to the next £10

Pay in Conditional Amounts into a pot for example:

If for example more than £200 is payed into account and there N amount in the account in total take the difference of what was payed in from “total in - £200” and split it amongst specified pots

Automatically Pay monthly outgoing bills (or static amount specified) amount into a bill pot when income goes in and if someone has more than one income then split that static amount across incomes

This sounds a little like my very first post on the forum. See:

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voted for your post in the hopes they notice and implement

You can vote for this feature here:

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Agreed! I want the ability to lock my pots until the goal is reached.