Due dates on direct debits

(Iain Stevens) #1

I would like to see displayed due date for direct debits so we can plan ahead and make sure we have enough funds available to pay our DDs

(Herp Derp) #2

Did you not request set dates from the companies that take money?


The issue is that direct debits don’t actually have due dates, they’re taken when the company requests that they’re taken.

This can even fluctuate if you’ve requested a specific date… I asked EE to set it to the 2nd, but it was the 3rd and then the 4th when it came out…

They do have to tell you when they take it though (although PayPal don’t seem to do this, so I never know when to expect a PayPal bank-method payment to come out).


(Peter Roberts) #5

Monzo will know by the day before :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Veale) #6

I think what would be helpful would be to see the date the last direct debit was taken. This is standard functionality of the NatWest app.

(Ben Green) #7

You can already, at least on the iOS app.

Edit: it would be handy to show the most recent and total amounts on that screen though. If the screen space and data are already available, then why not?

(Hugh Wells) #8

Great idea! :raised_hands: Will ask…!

(Adam Kendrew) #9

I think that page definitely needs some love from the design team.


I came to this page expecting to see some sort of breakdown or list of all my DD to a specific company and was disappointed to only see the last payment date :frowning:

(Ben Green) #11

Perhaps something like how the Emma app does it

Not a blatant copy of feature by feature though.

Showing the amount it’s changed in relation to the previous payment is nice but not sure how necessary it is.

Maybe include some sort of Monzo-super-power analysis of the date based upon historical data of money being available in our account and suggest better dates. With those suggestions we would then have to make a request to payee company for the date to be changed.

(Andy) #12

I don’t see this on Android :-(.
Monzo - any plans to add this on android as well?

(Hugh Wells) #13

Yes! The payments screen is getting a refresh :smiley:

Viewing payee reference for Direct Debit
(Neil Gray) #14

Back in March you mentioned that the payment screen is getting a refresh. It’s frustrating that android development falls behind that of iOS. I note that I still can’t see the last date paid for DDs on Android. Is there any update?