Dual UK/US Citizen - Current account question

Hello all,

I’m a Dual UK/US Citizen.

After confirming I do indeed have a second nationality I receive a prompt asking for my Social Security Number ( I don’t have one)

However, next to the field to enter the number there is an “i” Clicking this brings up a pop-up with the social security number 999-99-9999. Entering this then allows me to continue past this screen.

Is this ok? Do Monzo just need to confirm I am American and nothing more? I don’t want any issues down the line because I didn’t input a correct SSN.


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How do you not have a SSN? You can’t be compliant with US tax filing requirements without one and the penalties for non-compliance are huge. If you don’t have an SSN… you need professional advice as you’re almost certainly non-compliant with US law and they do have an extradition treaty with the UK.

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You probably do, you just don’t know it.

I will ask a connection if they know where you can go to look it up or ask for it to be advised, if they know I will get back to you here.


They said to contact your nearest FBU or Consulate and suggested you look at https://www.americansabroad.org/obtaining-reclaiming-your-social-security-number-ssn for more information. Hope that of some use.

Hi, I contacted the Embassy and they confirmed I do not have one. The process to get the SSN takes several weeks ( which I am currently going through). I was just curious as the process on the Monzo app seems open to problems if I can simply enter 999-99-9999 and proceed to get an account.

I am also in touch with a US tax lawyer. There is an allowance for backdating. It isn’t cheap but I’m not about to be deported. :grinning:


I am sure if you opened an account with 999-99-9999 (assuming it will work and not give an error message) and advised them thru the app it was just a temporary number and that you will contact them as soon as you get your SSN they can then amend it for you when you have received it.

Isn’t putting incorrect information on a financial application technically fraud by false representation? You are gaining an account by knowingly using false information. Even if you intended to change/declare it later. Would be best to contact customer support for guidance and/or permission.


Yes, This is exactly why I didn’t complete the process. I guess I just wanted clarification.

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you are not lying about your citizenship

you are complying with the rules requiring you to declare

you are just unable to provide a reference number until a later date

It is therefore not fraud or misrepresentation

Not declaring you had US citizenship however would be, even if you claim you planned to tell them later

It is therefore surely better to use a temporary SSN in the same way that UK employers use temporary NINO until a correct one is known