OTTY mattress

So I’ve taken the plunge actually on Boxing Day and ordered my OTTY mattress excited! :smiley: Which is due to be delivered on 6th so a few days time…

Does anyone know if there’s something you
Need todo when you receive it? I know it will come rolled up in the box but do you need to let it set for a while or does it literally spring into life?

Thanks :blush:

It’ll spring into life. However, for best results let it sit on the bed base for several hours (recommended is 2 days).
Sometimes you may need to unzip the cover and let it rest that way for a few hours (then zip the cover back up).

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Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:, I’ll do a few hours in that case… might find it hard to do 2 days because they are collecting my old mattress and don’t fancy sleeping on the sofa :wink:

I have a leesa which is similar. There might also be a bit of a smell, if there is I’d crack a window open.

These things are heavy! I’m worried about moving my monster king when I move in a year and a half. Already have anxiety about it, lol.

What’s benefit of otty over simba, leesa, Emma etc ?

Definitely leave it to air as long as you can, more for the smell than anything, although I don’t remember it being too bad at all :slight_smile:

Good choice with Otty, I spent ages comparing before I went with it, and it still super comfy a couple years on :smile:

@jph I’d say it’s more preference rather than a benefit over the others. They’re all variations on a theme and I liked the hybrid mix of Otty as opposed to a full on memory foam one, plus I got 2 pillows in a deal so think financially it was the best for me at the time as well. But that’s just me!

I recently bought an Otty mattress, and bed, which arrived 23rd December. It obviously needs to be left for air to re-enter the whole of the mattress but you can use it after 2-4 hours and as Ian stated it does suggest 2 days. I didn’t wait 2 days and it was fine. I didn’t notice a smell but doesn’t mean there isn’t to you. I did put it straight into the protective cover you also get so that might have masked the smell.

Not sure if it is worth the £700-odd but I have never bought an expensive mattress/bed/pillows before. To be fair, I’ve never bought a mattress or bed before so wanted one to last and it did have a Which? recommendation. So far, so good.

I got an Otty last year, reason I went for it was because all the reviews said it was firmer than the other box mattresses on the market, which was the most important factor to me.

I left it for two days myself (luckily there was a bed free in the spare room for the duration), but that was almost entirely because it was absolutely honking. Not sure if I was just unlucky or if I happen to have a nose sensitive to whatever aromas it contained.

It’s been nearly a year now, and I’m still very happy with it. Still comfortable, haven’t noticed any problems with it, and the pillows that came with it are decent too.

My only quibble would be that I wish it had handled on the side to make rotating it a little less faff! But I can live with that really - the sleep is the most important part, after all.

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Brilliant all thanks for sharing this gives me some positive thoughts for Monday :grin:
Yep I agree with @Chapuys I’ve never brought an expensive bed / mattress our last one was an ikea one which was I think £200 all in so abit of a jump but wanted something that was cooler in the nights and didn’t disturb my sleeping patterns I also had quite a good deal I did the Boxing Day deal (I know how sad of me traipsing sales after Christmas Day) I got the 2 pillows included and Was £396 to be precise so was happy with that will update once it’s here and of course I’ll leave to air for a good few hours :slight_smile:

@Sczoo26 Are you happy with your Otty mattress? I’m pondering the hybrid one with adjustable pillows.

Hey getting used to it at first I thought it was really really warm and had restless nights sleep however then got 100% cotton sheets, bedding and that has cooled down dramatically :smiley:

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