Card number changing with replacements

(Frank) #1

I have had 3 CA cards now. Every one has been in my possession when replaced yet every time I have had a different card number.

With my legacy bank my card number only changed if the card was lost, stolen or compromised. Will you be doing the same at some point as every time the number changes I need to update my details with various companies.

(Frank) #2

To add to this I just activated the third card and it has also changed my pin. At no point has the pin been compromised so why change it?

(Scott) #3

That’s odd, with the PIN anyway I’d contact support I would have thought the PIN number would remain the same if not compromised surely

(Frank) #4

So I go to confirm what my pin has changed to and now being asked to take a photo of my ID and upload another video.

I think this is becoming overkill :man_facepalming:t2:

(Frank) #5

I have messaged in app. Way too many inconvenient changes when none were instigated by me.

(Frank) #6

Just looking at the card replacement options and there isn’t one for damaged which is the most likely reason for needing one.


This sounds like an issue I had over the last couple of days. Some confusion with a new investor card (first one said Monzo Bank rather than my name) meant I ended up receiving a third card. When activating it, I got sent a new PIN.

Customer support said I had ended up with both cards being active which is why I got a second PIN, and they managed to sort it on their end.

(Frank) #8

It is exactly the same scenario @alexb.

(Rika Raybould) #9

At this time, the card number will change for all replacements, no matter what the reason is. Though we currently log the replacement reasons for statistics and operational purposes, all replacement reasons are treated the same.

We have some support for issuing new cards under the same long card number, however it is not complete yet. Being fully honest, we did not expect anybody to have needed to go through replacing their card for non-loss/fraud reasons more than once yet (CA preview to a full or investor card for example)! :see_no_evil:

As for the PIN changing, did you order one of these cards through in-app chat at all? The PIN changing typically indicates that a new card was ordered, rather than using the in-app replacement button where the card would be configured with the same PIN as the one it was replacing. :1234:

In either case, I’m so sorry that this has happened. This is 100% not the experience we ultimately want to provide. :disappointed:


As it sounds like I encountered the same scenario, the new cards were manually ordered by Monzo proactively as other cards on the way to us (ordered using the app) were misprinted.