Donations For Monzo

(Simmy) #1

It could be an idea to be able to donate sums of money to monzo for great service etc :slight_smile:

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But i’ll give them some supportive emojis


(Andy) #3

Tipping members of staff could be cool. Given Monzo is worth around £2 billion I think they’re probably okay.


If you really have spare money, may I ever so kindly suggest (in no particular order) Shelter, cancer research UK, Muslimaid, ChristianAid, the Red Cross, or dozens of other charities?


I get the sentiment, but I’d be much happier if staff were paid well, than if a way was found for customers to tip them. Just my opinion, though.


Sometimes it is illegal to tip employees of a company under the one of the laws regarding bribry. As a teacher, my contract states I must declare any gifts above £5 in value. Catering is one thing, paid employees providing financial services - a bank - is another.

(Simmy) #8

I do volunteer work for a charity at the moment :grin:


Sadly even if they accepted tips from us, the staff member would likely only get a lower percentage as it would have be put through on their payslip and have deductions for income Tax and NI

Like, when your in a bar and the terminal asks you if you want to add a tip.

Although saying that, everyone should and always declares their cash tips, don’t they :wink:

I used to work in a bar when I was younger and a few times drunk people put their pin is as a tip and not realised ha ha

Any chance I get I always give thank you messages and nice feedback as that can still often give a smile to the staff knowing they are appreciated :slight_smile:

(Gareth) #10

In case people didn’t know, Monzo is a Living Wage Employer

I’m against tipping/donations here, it’s not appropriate. Would you tip the bank clerk in the high street? Or donate to Microsoft?

If you like Monzo, stick with them and use what they offer (if it works for you). That should be enough.

If you really love them, spread the word around :slight_smile:


Monzo is a Living Wage Employer

Given some :monzo: staff’s salaries (according to their own posts here) at least one of them is on 20-25k, which doesn’t sound like a “living” wage at all, especially in the heart of London where Monzo is based.


Might not be full time? Could be a placement year?

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They could be employing George Osborne for 10 minutes a year.

(Gareth) #14

Living is subjective. Consider it a bare minimum (i.e. no take aways, nights out drinking, entertainment, savings etc)

Living Wage
(Jorge) #15

Well dodged. Apparently we have a tax inspector in the community now :roll_eyes:

(Jack) #16

It’s also important to remember the living wage varies depending where you live. It’s less outside London and Monzo employ a lot of remote workers.

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Do we know if they want their salary and reasons behind it discussed on a forum?

I would suggest no

(Jack) #18

Totally agree here, I was presuming we don’t know who the person is. But if we do it’s best not to discuss :slight_smile:

(Gareth) #19

They definitely did not.

Just to expand that it’s a minimum, digging into the detail from 2017 they allocated £5 alcohol a week and £14 personal goods. Living wage is a push to make statutory minimums actually viable (i.e. you won’t fall into debt on a horse string budget). It does not mean you’d live like the average Londoner.

But, most people hope for pay increases, so living wage at least starts them off right.