Does PayPal offer transaction details via open api?

If PayPal offer open api, can we get it added as a bank account type option like we have for other bank accounts so we can get details on the actual merchant and tag the category in monzo plus ?

Using PayPal a lot and I think it’s right to show PayPal as the merchant, having the additional option to connect and tag categories based on actual merchants would be great.

Monzo offer use of Open Banking, which means (or should mean) that adding new banks should be fairly simple as they should all be using the same standard. This allows for transactions and balances to be shown in the app.

Paypal offer an API but it’s not Open Banking (as they’re not a bank) so Monzo would need to write code specifically to access that info and show it alongside the other bank accounts.

Integrating it into transactions in your Monzo feed (i.e. adding richer info above and beyond just saying Paypal transaction, i.e. identifying the true merchant and category etc) would be much more involved still, it just depends on if there is a will within Monzo to add this, and/or a demand for it.

Ok. Anyone else interested in this feature ? I certainly am.

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No and I doubt Monzo would want to build it either.

I was and I even suggested it a while back too.

However since eBay now allow you to pay by debit card I use that now instead, so I don’t really have a need for PayPal anymore.

On my capital one card, I get more details showing at least the merchant via PayPal (see attached).

If capitalone can at least do this, I’m sure monzo can

I’m sure they can!

Whether it’s worthwhile and will bring them a return on their investment and it’s worth the continued maintenance of it etc are the main questions they’ll be asking.

To get started and try to prove this, we need to get lots of votes on this topic :slight_smile:

But that already shows on the transaction for PayPal payments in Monzo

That’s not what I see. I just see PayPal. And then a tag with a meaningless code.

Unlucky mines fine :thinking:

The meaningless code is the PayPal transaction ID. So you can log into PayPal and match it up.

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I think it’s a requirement for the biggest banks (maybe CMA 9) but not for others. I believe Starling, for example, doesn’t adhere to the standard.

If you want an aggregator that does currently connect to PayPal you could try Emma.

Am I misunderstanding something coz the more I read this thread the more I’m like but my Monzo feed does this already.

See attached screenshot, the ones with names across I paid through PayPal. The ones with just PayPal is my PayPal Credit account payments.

So mine does what someone’s saying above what other banks do but Monzo don’t (but mines showing otherwise)

I think mine does that if I pay via PayPal on a website.

However when I paid via PayPal on ebay it just looks like this…

I did start to add notes for what they were for but I couldn’t be bothered :sweat_smile:

Unless I’m misunderstanding too :man_shrugging:

Actually I’ve got a ‘coffee from Rave’ transaction in there so it’s not just ebay… :thinking:

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Oh right anything eBay I tend to put though PayPal credit to be fair, so I’d not of ever noticed that one.

Yeah. I’m just seeing PayPal and no merchant (other than a code ). And then I add the custom tags so I know what hat it’s for after cross referencing PayPal app.

So my ask would be for monzo to include the merchant as well in a consistent manner

I’ve just started to pay via debit card now. Far easier because it saves your details and no need to mess around with notes.

I guess you can use Monzo Flex now instead of PayPal credit? :innocent: :wink:

I’ve applied for Flex, just waiting to see what the amount is they’ll offer.

To be fair PayPal is great as the default tends to be 4 months interest free then a lot of other retailers it offers 12 months.

So if I do decide to go with Flex I’d just like myself to things I could clear in 3 months.

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