Anyone used Monzo credit card in South Africa?

My son is traveling with his school on sports tour to South Africa, was thinking if sending him with my credit card for emergencies… just wondering if anyone knows how easy it’ll be for him to use?

Nice way to have your credit card blocked, or even closed, as you’ve given a third party your card for use which is against most terms and conditions.

Monzo uses location based services via the app, and if you’re located here and someone has your card abroad, instant red flags.


Easier to get a free holiday - claim everything’s fraud :joy: :see_no_evil:

This is a joke, and is fraud


Noted. I didn’t see any small text so this much be legit!

Monzo have a credit card! :thinking:

I must have slept through that launch :sleeping:


It launched. And won awards too :trophy:

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Ah Flex!

Never associated Flex with a credit card.

Thought it was BNPL :man_facepalming::joy:

Maybe if they’d added a scavenger hunt to it, I may have paid more attention :rofl:

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