Does Monzo operate through Wirecard?

I am worrying about my Monzo account due to current situation of Wirecard company. Does anyone know that will it be affected or not?

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No it doesn’t, did you not notice last week or the week before that your account was still functioning as normal

Edit unless of course you are new so you wouldn’t of noticed :wink:


It says on the top, op it’s his 1st post. He is new

No that says he’s new to the forum for all we know could of had an account for years and just joined

Hi @gryffindream & welcome :wave:

Monzo did use the services of Wirecard years ago, but has since moved to in-house processing.

So little chance of a third-party cock-up to mess with your money :smile:


To be honest I was pretty certain Monzo used GPS not Wirecard. Obviously am wrong but would have bet £500 on it !

I think it was wirecard during the prepaid beta accounts, then when they became a bank they used GPS for processing before bringing it in house.

I actually think they used both GPS and Wirecard in the past :smiley:

I think they used Wirecard as their Mastercard processor, and used GPS as their Faster Payments processor.

But Monzo has since built their own in house processing for both Mastercard payments and Faster Payments :tada:


GPS was the Mastercard processor, and back in the GPS days there were no Faster Payments yet if I remember right. I am not sure what role Wirecard had, they were involved but I’m not sure how. I think it might be a regulatory thing rather than technical.

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Thank you for all kindly responses. :blush:

I got emails from some operators that use Wirecard e.g. Curve and Transferwise. So, I was a bit worry about my Monzo account even it worked as usual. The reason is I don’t really know which company that Monzo is using. Then, I want to make sure that they aren’t using Wirecard.


We do all our own Mastercard processing on our own systems that we built, and have our own banking license as a full UK bank. :slightly_smiling_face:


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