Does Monzo earn on card transactions?


So far I am using my {Legacy Bank} for my daily banking (card payments). But, as far as I know, the card payment commissions that retailers pay for card processing is being split between:

  • terminal operator (e.g. Stripe/etc)
  • payment processor (e.g. Mastercard)
  • bank (e.g. Monzo)

If am I right, and these commissions are of sizeable amount, then I am considering to switching my card transactions to use Monzo instead of my {Legacy Bank}. I already use Monzo mainly for foreign travels, with just occasionally for TfL and contactless. I would be gladly switching my daily card payments if the money were beneficial to it.


I think so. Maybe not a profit-maker, but probably helps sustain the business - unlike cash withdrawals, which cost your bank money.

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