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Hi, can you give me some info on a Facebook post doing the rounds?

Friends who use Monzo and Curve - the FCA have withdrawn one of their partners’ licenses with immediate effect - not too bad if you’re a Curve customer, just take a different card out with you, but Monzo customers might have accounts closed with no access to your money - might be worth transferring somewhere else.

Thanks Phil.

Hi @Bigpip

Monzo moved it’s services in house a while ago and are not affected by the decline of Wirecard.


Thanks @16bitkieran I just started searching to try and find a reference :slight_smile:

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welcome to the forum Phil , thanks for your advice , but Im not going to bother transferring to somewhere else on the basis of a Fb post as Monzo is guaranteed by the UK govt up to £85K for each individual customer, which Im very reassured by , just like any other UK regulated bank, as others have mentioned Monzo has had nothing to do with Wirecard for a couple of years, and have never been affected by Wirecards financial irregularities over the years :slight_smile:

I personally make all my financial decisions based on things I see on Facebook.


I’m not sure that an unfounded internet scare story is a great first post on the forum, It’s nicely done, I’ll grant, with just enough truth to seem convincing but irrelevant to Monzo as the slightest of internet research would have revealed.

Welcome anyway but I think this thread has already run it’s course so I’ll close it.

(Edit: For those who are interested and don’t know the background, Monzo used Wirecard for their prepaid cards before the banking license arrived. They’ve never used them for the current accounts and probably haven’t worked with them at all for 3 years or so now.)