Does Monzo customer support even read your initial message requesting help?

Just had a great experience with raising my limits once again , requested limit raise all completed within 30 minutes …fantastic.

I filled in the details to say I wanted to make two transfers to the same recipient - all approved .

When problems started I send off a message to Chat …they dont even read the message that you send …very poor.

They are presumably reading the first sentence and formulating their own reply on what they think you want …not reading the whole message , which inconveniences me and wastes their time because it doesnt solve the issue that you are contacting them in the first place for, which necessitate me continuing to message them and take up more Cops time …presumably another cop who might read my request for help ???

How you get to a customer satisfaction rating as high as you do I have no idea

…READ THE MESSAGE… telling you what the customer wants

@AlanDoe - perhaps you could pass this on to your customer support team managers ?


Don’t worry, they’ll send it to a specialist to help you, they promise they’ll read the chat so you don’t have to reapet yourself. I have always ended up having to repeat myself


I have posted about this before - the amount of times I have got to the point where I am writing “Hello?!? Are you reading what I am writing?”. I then feel like the rudest person on the planet, which isn’t a great way to feel when I am just going to my bank for help. It does feel like they just see a word and, without reading any of the context, find the closest thing that might resemble an answer (which is usually way off). It is so annoying. They really need to improve this fast, because if I continue to get this sort of treatment it will be making me question whether I continue to bank with them (which would be a massive shame).


More and more of this is making me think they have some AI or something that reads the message, and suggests things off the back of it so that they can check through more support questions without actually having the CoP read the message themselves :eyes:


very true the app is great , increasing limits I find now to be fantastic but if you hit problems …it does make you wonder though what happens if I have other problems that I need help with.

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All the issues you hear about Monzo customer service are not reassuring about the possibility of making Monzo one’s main bank account.

Also a limit of £10,000 is too low! A lot of people have said this, yet Monzo has never raised it in years (also what about inflation?!) Sometimes needs must, and I would find it frustrating that a limit increase needs to be manually sought, e.g. buying a new house, transferring savings from one place to another, buying a car, etc etc.

I think they have sorted the increasing limits previous problems with timescales and ease of doing it , its not an everyday occurance to buy a car , house , or move savings , and 10,000 goes towards the banks security as well as ours . I have no issues with that at all , I dont even have an issue having increased my limits for a second security review, which again was handled quickly …the issue…for me … is getting any sense from customer support when you run up against a problem.

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It isn’t ALL customer service I should add. It always seems to stumble on the initial interaction, which is what is so annoying. Once you get passed to the right person the customer service is usually excellent.


There is a gap in the market for a “Prompting for Monzo customer service reps” course…


From my experience each time a new person takes over you have to start the conversation all over again. It is very painful and means the whole resolution can take days/weeks.

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I really do think it’s their Achilles heel (that, and the complete lack of anything other than one phone at a time (same OS).

How they keep winning customer service awards I have no idea - it’s by far the worst I’ve ever seen mainly down to the inconsistency. Sometimes, you get someone who actually reads the message, answers it and you get on with your day. But they are in the minority.

This is also the problem with live chat or chat in general. There’s no real ability to correct if the wrong implication is given. HSBC do sometimes get it wrong but it doesn’t take a lot to clarify. If it’s complex then ringing them seems to be a good option as you can clarify there and then.

I’d love for Monzo to do something more here - be it AI enabled agents who can use additional context to answer the questions or just read and actually respond. And don’t escalate to a specialist.


I have had the same issue a couple of days ago when I contacted Monzo support. They did not read 3 messages I sent, rather each time they send a boilerplate statement.


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