Does Monzo accept Postal Orders?

Hi there,

Someone has given me a postal order worth £250. I want to deposit it into my account, but I can’t find anything on the website or the forum in regards to whether Monzo accepts Postal Orders the same way it accepts cheques. I called customer services, but the person I spoke to didn’t seem to know.

Hopefully someone here does?

Many thanks!

I’m sure this is a yes

Did the COp you spoke to say they’d get back to you?

I’ve spoken to customers services again twice now. One person working for Monzo assured me that Postal Orders are accepted and not a problem, the second person working for Monzo told me that Postal Orders definitely can’t be accepted.

I’m very confused.

Geezz! :open_mouth: have we travelled back in time to 1993 :scream: :laughing:


I asked and they definitely process these

I suppose they are so uncommon it caused confusion

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Things like this make me second guess everything monzo level 1 support tell me.


I didn’t know Postal Orders were still “a thing”.

I’ve been around since somewhat earlier than then and I’ve never seen one!


000001 was back in 1881 so they’ve been around awhile but unless you were born around WW|| I would guess most probably never heard or seen one tbh. :older_man: :older_woman:

I would also guess the vast majority of Monzo customers and customer services staff are 90s/00s babies :baby: and they may not have seen a cheque let alone a postal order. I’m not surprised customer services were “Postal what?” unsure. :sweat_smile:

I was born in '93 and I used to get one almost every year for my birthday in my teens :joy: HSBC wouldn’t take them in branch though, I had to go and pay them in at the post office :eyes:

I wouldn’t say Monzo is vast majority of 90’s and 00’s babies. I would say 80’s, 90’s and starting to have a lot more 00’s. I would also think majority of staff would be 80’s and 90’s born too.

00’s babies are just turning 20 at the most.

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Average age of a monzo user is 32 I read this week

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It’s a definite yes on postal orders :blush: we process them in the same way as cheques, so just pop it in the mail to us.

You can apparently get your name printed on them at a post office branch, to make sure that they can’t be stolen if they’re lost in the post to us (who knew!)

And for the record, I’m an 80s baby and have NEVER seen one in person :joy_cat:


00’s born monzo customer checking in. 2001 gang.

What even is a postal order?

It’s like a cheque that you buy at the post office

Monzos 18-30 demographic means that a birth between 1990-2002. I would say that’s the vast majority. :man: :boy:
(The next big demographic of the techy/early adopters 30-50 makes up next slice but again they wouldn’t be the people dealing with postal orders in their life)

Sure the staff may be a little older but I still reckon most (90% :thinking:) are under 40 so 1980s+ :older_adult:

I think the point I was making is you’re more likely to have heard or dealt with them if you are now in your 70s or 80s born in the 1940-60s :older_man:

Why do you state Monzo’s demographic is 18-30? I’m 34 for example. @Rat_au_van states the average age is believed to be 32. That means there is a median of people above and below 32 . I’m just curious if I missed something :smiley: !

I’m pretty sure it was a video/podcast with Tom from 2019 that 18-30 made up something like 80% of customers.

It could well be different with 3.7million+ customers now and a much wider range of ages jumping onboard, but I think the median was under 30 at the time. I could be spouting nonsense :sweat_smile:

I’d be interested if anyone can find any recent stats with the actual numbers.

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So postal orders should be sent to Monzo c/o Lennie, in (postal) order to improve your knowledge of modern British banking? :joy:


You have. There are no customers below the age of 16. And you are assuming that the age distribution is even. It might be. It might not.

Edit: It almost certainly isn’t.

It’s in here

The average age of Monzo account holders is between 31 and 32