Does anyone know what the wait time on email is at the moment?

In the process of re applying after switching out and can’t verify my phone number as (I assume) it’s attached to be old customer profile. Emailed two days ago and still no update.

Does anyone in here have any insight into queue lengths?
I know they’ll pick it up sooner rather than later, it’s not urgent thank goodness.

Last I heard email was a few days wait but that does vary

Was it over 30 days ago that you switched away? You cant open a new account within 30 days

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Yeah it was a couple of months. I’ll just use it for spending for the time being with a view to switching back if I see complaints about CS delays dropping off.


Hey :wave: I’m on holiday so not sure on queue depth right now but in the hopes of saving you some back and forth, thought I’d pop in.

To look at reopening an account, we’ll need to have a selfie of you holding your ID so we can verify your identity, so it might be worth popping that over when you have a minute so we’ve got it all together :pray:

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We’re about 2 days behind, but I’ve just sent you a DM @analoguesean


Minimum 30 days. Depending who you listen to typical response times seem to be between 6-14 weeks. Good luck.

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How come Monzo don’t always use the automated ID verification that they use for all new signups for all ID verifications, surely it’s more secure?

So I got an email a short while ago and I’ve now returned to the fold of #teamcoral. Keeping main banking with Santander for now though, hopefully Monzo can grow AND provide timely customer support.

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Welcome Back :partying_face:

If i am correct, they did make some changes that will make reaching out to the team much better!
Im hoping things turn for you to return Full Monzo again.

Im in the first Month of being Full Monzo and things appear to be going really well for me so far!

I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer this honestly! Totally agree that having that option to reopen accounts would be fab, and would be quicker and easier for everyone as the current process is a bit laborious, back and forth over email.

I couldn’t say why that’s not how we do it though I’m afraid, but I can agree it’s not perfect :blush:

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Wait times are considerably much longer compared to making a support ticket, but in your case you was not able to as you switched out. But I heard that they are trying to improve replying times on emails.