Dodgy ATM?

Went to the atm outside Barclays and one had a rubber thing around where the card goes in and the other one didn’t ? I asked a staff member and they said it should be ok ?
Anyone know if it sounds legit ?

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Did you get a photo?

Didn’t really want to Incase it looks odd

Providing there isn’t an old granny trying to get cash out at the time, I reckon you’ll be fine! :smiley:

It’s in the town centre mate I’m not there at the moment

The only reassuring thing is on the atm it said if anything gets tampered with, the machine will shut down.

Just odd how one had a rubber around the entrance and one didn’t

Nope it was like a big brown rubber ring around it.
She quickly checked and said it should be ok. Just want to make sure though

Without a photo, I think it would be impossible to comment.

If you aren’t sure, I’d avoid (although it is “likely” ok).


Thanks guys
In future I will only use the ATM inside the banks for peace of mind

I normally give the card slot a little wiggle to check nothing is attached to it which could scan my card details :slight_smile:


Or just go cashless, aim high ! :smiley:


Easier said than done. I need cash for the bus, petrol money for my career and for the barber


Petrol money for your barber!


Pay the barber in petrol.


Depending on the area is whether I’d use the one there. There was a police article a while back with things to look out for. I.e a stuck on keypad, small cameras or anything out of place…I wiggle a few things out of habit to see if anything falls off😁…and always check your sorrounding before using (sorry we all do that already…do we). I know cash card gangs operate in Leeds city … Be careful

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A family member works for HSBC and said by far the safest are the ATMS inside the banks.

The good thing with Monzo is that megstripe (the black stripe on the back of your card, which is what the thieves would be scanning) is disabled by default anyway, and you won’t need to enable it unless you travel to certain countries where swipe payments are more common. And even if you enable it, it gets disabled automatically after 24 hours.

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Not always; fraudsters have been known to trap the card using a device covering the card slot and film the user entering his/her PIN.


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