Display running balance with each entry

That seems…extreme? If there are other reasons for moving from Monzo fair enough, but they are still working on the new design, it might happen one day!

That’s a little disingenuous and playing on stereotypes. HSBC and others use multi-national contact centres, and the service is better.

It’s less about where the agents are, more about the evident lack of proper training & support they are given by Monzo, IMHO.


It’ll be August before you know it.

Seems a small hill to die on, but if it’s that important for you, First Direct is a very good option by all accounts.

I’d advise you to leave your Monzo account open, in case you change your mind in the future.


It is, but the advice above is also important. As Monzo almost never seem to let people back in these days

Some days have no spent balance at all, I noticed. I have asked Monzo CS, I think last week and No one has replied

I’ve started to coin the term, “that’s so Monzo”. Mo one ever “took over” again, so now I ask the community

In all fairness that’s quite typical of banks. I wouldn’t expect the FD/HSBC team to be able to answer that, which I guess is why the community exists.

Does the Help guide refer you back to here for tech support @AlanDoe? I think it does…

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I wonder if the problem is caused by the £90 “negative” spending, taking the total spend into negative territory?

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That’s a possibility. - Weird to me though as I thought that was designed to keep track of card spending? Like a total sum up of your day

Me too. Though I can sort of see why they might choose to not insert a negative value for Total Spend.

As you said “That’s so Monzo.”

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That’s the reason - you’ve not actually gone into a positive spending amount on that day, so you have no day total :slight_smile:

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That makes sense then, haha. sorry if it was a dumb question

No dumb questions :v:

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I mean, CS didn’t know the answer.

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I mean it’s not dumb, Monzo could just show a negative in the total spend :man_shrugging:t2:

Or have any total spend be in red and any positive income total be in green.

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It’s great to see how much you’ve spent over a period of time. Let’s say hypothetically, you want to see how much you’ve spent over the last few weeks.

July 3rd running balance indicated your balance was £2000.

70 transactions later

July 27th, your balance shows that you’re now on £1500.

Now realistically, you won’t remember what your balance was on 3 weeks ago to the day, so this helps tell you that approximately in the last 3 weeks you’ve spent a total of 500 than you’ve gained.

It would also help on paydays, to know what your balance was before you got paid. This may tell you that you have a few £ extra that you can put away into a pot.

In short, it just makes mathing easier. You only have one sum to make as opposed to xxx transactions.

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Trends tab - Balance - top right, tap This month and be sure your payday is the date show at the bottom.

You can then slide right on the balance graph and see what your balance was before payday.

Trends - Spending.

Then slide your finger along the graph to see what you’d spent over those 7 day windows.

So after 70 transactions, have you spent £100, or spent £500 and had a credit of £400?

There’s a cool functionality on the Santander app (I guess it’s not exclusive to them) that I would like very much to see on Monzo.
They display the money on the account after each transaction.
Example: Imagine you have £500
Then you do several transactions, this is what you see on the app

  • Greggs £4 (£496)
  • Nandos £20 (£476)

To me, seeing how the money goes down make me picture better how I’m spending my money.


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Vote for this request here:

Currently 148 votes and the 8th most requested (not-yet-implemented) feature. However, given it was suggested in 2016, I wouldn’t be too confident that additional votes would matter much.

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You never know, cheque imaging finally appeared and post office cash deposits! I really miss this feature.


Not really the same: These two are product features. The suggestion on this thread is a design choice. You never know though.

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