Display running balance with each entry

People have been asking for this for years, in fact I think I asked about this back when Monzo was a prepaid card.

It still annoys me that I have to export a statement to get a running balance. It’s a basic feature for a banking app, which I can’t believe Monzo is so reluctant to implement.


Post in here and you never know…

App Evolution: now in Monzo Labs!

Really really old thread but with really low demand.

Help me understand why this is important?

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As a new user, I have to say that I’m stunned that this basic feature is missing from the app. Why on earth is that? With all the unnecessary clutter on the UI I’d have imagined they’d find space for a basic financial management feature like running balance.

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Variable view points. I couldnt care for it and quite prefer it without.

Money management comes in many forms and can’t satisfy everyone.

It’s not a basic financial management tool, a bank statement is what you need here which does contain a running balance to tally up end of month.

The app seems to me to very much be trying to be a financial management tool, with all the budgeting features and so forth. I’d be expecting the transaction feed to virtually replace periodic statements or at least diminish their importance.

As you say, there’ll always be >1 view on these things. If Monzo had a mind to do so, it would be basic to provide a setting to turn a running balance on or off.

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A fair view.

In other news, I’d like a running balance (granted - after any currency conversion has settled). I’d also like manual accounts to go with this feature so that…

forecasting with Trends/Target would be a serious personal financial planning tool compared to what we have with :monzo: now.

I’ve dropped YNAB and am using Trends/Target extensively - but to have all predicted bills for a chosen period (not just the upcoming cycle) and any manually inputted expenses would be the clutch.


I’ve not toyed too much with trends it triggers weird things :sweat_smile: but doesn’t it do what you’re looking for IE anticipated balance on current spend? Or is it solely just scheduled payments factored in?

Revoluts can predict scheduled due and also your current spending trends.

Trends/Target does both (mainly balance plus actual spend) but only for the current cycle.

I’d like to see future cycles in Trends, fuelled by manual entries in an account feed which are additional to the expected/scheduled/planned entries in the Monzo scheduled transactions.

Look-ahead 12 months based on what you have now? Monzo can probably do this.
Look-ahead 12 months based on what you have now, plus the manually anticipated income/outgoings - that’s proper financial forecasting.


Just working my head around this one :upside_down_face:

So, the what if:

You’d already potentially be saving for the what if moment as say, a standing order to your savings. This is already factored in for your planned long term purchase for example.

But if you mean a what if as in, I’m gonna book a holiday on my credit card in 3 months time, what will that look like from then on… Then that’s the what if moment you’re seeking to view by manual input?

Forgive me if I’ve over looked/thought about it :sweat_smile:

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Apologies, I presented it as a ‘what if’, as opposed to the intended ‘forecast’ (my previous post now edited)

Effectively, I’d like the ability to add extra transactions, in the future, into a Monzo account feed (which may or not occur - but I’m in control of said entries) which would show on future reports (Trends graphs beyond the current cycle) in the app.


It is for many people, me included. A running balance helps me to see the effect that each transaction has on the money available in my account, and I find it more useful than any other budgeting tools.

It’s a bit patronising to tell us that a bank statement is what we need, because banking apps should do away with the need to check your bank statements. I haven’t looked at my Lloyds Bank statements for years, why should I? What’s the point? Everything I need to know can be checked in the transaction feed in the app.

The lack of a running balance is one of the main reasons why I could never consider Monzo, Starling, or Chase as my main account.

Yes, I could manage without a running balance if I had to, if there was no other option, but I like it and I want it, and whilst there’s a bank that provides it I’m jolly well going to have it.

Nobody actually “needs” to get paid a day early, but many people find it very useful to help them manage their money and so Monzo provides that feature. Why can’t they also provide a running balance if many people find it helpful?


The dream!

(Who do I need to tag to make this happen?)


They can if they want to.

Maybe it’s not popular :man_shrugging: Especially if other popular banks you’ve listed don’t have it either.

For those who would like a running balance, how does this help you budget? What do you use it for? Genuine questions to help me understand.


I’d need a running balance, future reporting cycles & manual (future) transaction entries to make it the right financial forecasting tool (for me). After ditching YNAB, it’s the only thing I miss with the Monzo app as it stands.


I use this to see how fast or slow I’m spending for the month with First Direct. I’ve actually found it to be a simple but useful tool, and I’ve spent less per month since having it.

Sometimes less is more.


It helps me see the effect of each transaction on the previous balance, so I know how quickly I’m spending my money. I can say either “my balance hasn’t gone down much, so I’m ok at the moment” or “crikey my balance has dropped a lot, I’d better be more careful for the rest of this week”.


can’t believe it is July 2023 and they still don’t have this! I am going to close my account and go back to 1st Direct, I use it to reconcile my budgeting app called YNAB, by the way your customer service seems to have got worse have you outsourced it to India?

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