Display running balance with each entry

Hi Andy , sorry I should probably have said I am an iPhone user , the graph needs 1 month of data to appear on iPhone I believe , don’t really know where Android user development on exporting data is so couldn’t comment.

We’ll probably need to solve this in two places, one would be this:

The second part would be to include balance on the detail screen of every transaction. I see it as part of the metadata though, not something primary of what a transaction constitutes.

Does that make sense?


maybe not the right thread now , but :slight_smile: it does concern the reconciliation I suppose :slight_smile: on “your top up history” screen without going through all my transactions I don’t really know whether the total topped up includes or excludes money that people have sent me to pay half the bill that shows on my feed

perhaps the “total topped” up should be “total spent” - with or without repayments ?

  • another couple of categories “refunded transactions” which could be pressed and then refund detail shown

  • “payments from others” included or excluded from “total spent”

again as Ive said according to my top up I have topped up about 15K but I have had repayments for holidays of 3K so have I spent 12K, 15K or 18K without adding it all up manually

Wow, this discussion was going on all night! :sleeping:

I was just thinking of a design that would solve the reconciliation problem, while not always displaying the balance figure together with each transaction.

How about a thin right sidebar the user can reveal and hide. As the user scrolls the history, there’s a scrolling balance history in the sidebar.


To answer your first question, if you tap the number of top ups (having tapped into a top up feed entry - the top up history screen), you’ll see all of the top ups listed & this is only top ups, not money received from others.

Top ups only count for money I have transferred from my other account , so I have spent more/ or less with Monzo than my “topped up amount” shows because the repayments from others don’t appear on that screen, but I have received the money from them, nor do any refunds lol my head is starting to hurt

I am trying to find out how much I have spent this year , my top ups say 15K but I have been repaid some so have I spent 15K or not :wink: lol I know Ive topped up 15K but that doesnt really help me know how much Ive spent

In Hugo’s preview of the updates to search, there was the option to search for credits & debits which would give you the totals for a given time frame

Perhaps a summary screen could be created which totals up credits by top up, credits by payment, credits by refund etc. But search is probably the more flexible way to get to these figures, as you can set custom timeframes, what do you think?

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bloody hell Ive spent more than i thought - this seems too many layers to get an answer to me , a summary screen would be great of top ups , payments from others and refunds, and then actual spent from your own funds

all I am trying to simply find out is how much my lifestyle is costing me to keep going without doing all the math :slight_smile:

simply then take that off your salary and you know your ok or spending too much

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I then go onto my balance and limits screen and find out of the 60K top up limit I have 48.6K left, which is 11.4 K topped up , which doesnt equal what I have topped up already as thats over 15K

then doing a CSV export (iPhone - sorry ) adding up my top ups spend etc my spread sheet shows I should have less balance than my app says. I have got 19p more than I should have in the app balance ???

seems to be getting more confusing @hugo

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I’m guessing that you’re only mentioning Hugo there because you’re trying to illustrate the problem. But just in case, if your account balance or limits figures appear to be incorrect, that’s one for the support team, rather than Hugo.

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well its actually part of the design as well which is why I linked to Hugo :slight_smile:

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Looks like we crossed wires there :see_no_evil: I often make lots of edits to my posts in the first 5 minute window (I edited that comment before you replied), just like you :wink:

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Exactly… The very idea you would have an account, that doesnt give you the ability to audit it… Is totally impractical.

Until the refund errors in my feed, and the niggling idea my totals reported was off I hadnt even realized that the tools were not there. And its as easy as adding them to the top up details (you can audit top up to top up) or spending or anywhere really.

I assume though, that as the full banking license kicks in this has to change… As a full current account they will have to have monthly statements, outside the app we see currently.


makes perfect sense… Day to day your not auditing, then its a running total…

But every while you have to be able to to reconcile money in with money out to check for errors…

Meta data, done at top up, done monthly, all are viable and do the same thing.

I would vote for as metadata, easier to reconcile over smaller terms.

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Now factor in bill splitting, joint pots, Monzo.me payments.

Simply not practical.

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BTW… Amazing to have this level of back and forth with the decision makers of this…

Please dont see (even strong) opinions as complaint… Just, well, opinions…


This is an absolutely essential feature. You need a running total to see how each transaction affected your balance at the time.

This is especially important when TFL transactions somehow affect the total given at the top of the screen before they show up in transactions feeds. I have not had a problem yet with random charges going through because Monzo is in Beta mode etc… even if Monzo runs perfectly you still need to see a running total.

All it needs to be is a tiny running total next to each transaction, or a quick swipe right or something.


Just add the running balance to the CSV export.


No! Some of us want to see it at a glance on screen on our mobile and not prat about with a spreadsheet :frowning:


Not forgetting that a section of the user base doesnt have access to a CSV report.