Display of dates

Ok, this is a small thing, I admit. But I find the way these forums display dates to be confusing:

Apr 17
Apr '16
Apr 17, '16

Ok, I get it, they are all distinct, and if I read them closely I can parse each one correctly. But, boy, is it an effort to do so. The ability to glance at a date and understand it is out the window.

Is it possible to configure Discourse to provide a more standard set of dates:

17 Apr
Apr '16
17 Apr '16

Or even better:

17 Apr
Apr 2016
17 Apr 2016

That would be a lot easier to read (quickly).


This is sorted now :slight_smile:


Almost - look above your post at the ‘created’ date on jzw95’s post… still in nasty 'mercan format.

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I’m not 100% sure what you’re seeing there, could you please post a screenshot?

You’ll need to refresh the page in order for the change to be displayed.

It’s changed now… but it was still at Apr 18

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This has made me unreasonably happy. Thanks for pulling the right strings @alexs. (See what I did there?) :wink:

Seriously, this makes it a lot easier to orientate myself when looking at old threads/posts. I notice it’s fixed the tooltips, too. Great stuff.