Date on Home tab?

Hello all. My first time posting about a feature.
When you open the app, it shows the home tab, with the graph at the top, then the list of Today’s transactions, and maybe Yesterday’s, and further dates in the past etc. But Today and Yesterday don’t have any dates/name of days next to them, so without scrolling down or playing with the graph, the app doesn’t immediately tell me what today’s date is, which could be relevant to direct debits, payments etc, or to have an immediate overview of my balance relative to how much of the month.

Seems a simple thing to add in? Could just add the date and day next to the Headings of Today & Yesterday?

Mine shows yesterday in date form. It’s only today that isn’t in date form.

It might be simple, but could you not just know what today’s date is? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No date on mine for yesterday. I like it though, clearer display

Today’s date is on your phone anyway and I know today’s date because it’s todays date…


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Is that iOS? I’m on Android.

Yep iOS

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Apple Pay and pet threads last night :grin:


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I’m more of a days of the week kind of guy. Most days I don’t need to know the actual date off the top of my head, except when I’m doing something that requires specific dates, like banking.

Yes this on iPhone. The date on iOS is only visible by default from the lock screen. If you’re using the phone, you don’t know the date unless you pull down notifications or look at the calendar app, which you may or may not have.

Not shooting down your idea but I’d say it would be a limited number of users who would need it.

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A bit of design consistency would be welcome. If Monzo thinks I need to know the day and date of transactions 2 days and older, why not yesterday and today? Seems an odd choice.

Monzo isn’t a calendar :eyes:

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What’s the date today?

Hold on let me open my Monzo app and tell you… …

Oh it’s the 26th April today

Why didn’t you just look on your watch, calendar or the calenader icon on your phone?

Coz Monzo is my calendar now :eyes:

If Monzo thinks I need to know the day and date of transactions 2 days and older, why not yesterday and today?

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If Monzo thinks I need to know the day and date of transactions 2 days and older, why not yesterday and today? Seems an odd choice.

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It’s about humanising dates. ie, the times that things are posted on this forum say 1m (1 minute), ie, 1 minute ago.

They don’t put the full time in etc.

Mostly, I believe, it’s down to cognitive load - and minimising that for users. Today/Yesterday is easier to work out than a random date.

If it says “25th April” I need to know that was yesterday.

Also, I think the use case – normally you go in looking at a specific date (ie, the 21st April), or you say “oo let’s look at today” or “What did I spend yesterday” …

Maybe we should change it to, today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week ago, a fortnight ago, a month a go, 6 weeks ago, 172 days ago etc.

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You have to start the date somewhere otherwise it would say today, yesterday, the day before that, Monday, Sunday, sunday (but the week before coz you didn’t use the card for a week) and that would get confusing :wink:

Edit: point was made above while I was typing :scream:

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which would be fine if all financial interactions were like that, but they’re not. For example, I know I get paid on the 28th of each month. When I open the app and see I have £X in my account, it would be handy and incredibly simple to be able to quickly see that today is the 26th, so I know that the £X has to last me 2 days. Today/tomorrow is useless usage in real world financial planning.
The cognitive load of having a header of ‘Today - Thursday 26th’ seems negligible.

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You’re confusing cognitive load vs UI/UX … Having “Today - Thursday 26th” isn’t going to work, you’ll have to have the month in there too surely? Also, surely then it’ll be too wide on smaller phones?

I don’t see your problem, are you seriously telling me that you can’t look at a calendar, or on your phone lock screen, or any literally anything that tells you the date?

So you need to have your bank exclusively put it in for you?

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