Display dates of upcoming payments PLEASE

Upcoming payments currently say “3 days from now”,5 days from now" etc

PLEASE stop making me open my calender everytime I see this - need the actual date idk who’s idea this was but awful sorry guys, very frustrating. Not sure if this is meant to be a bug report or an idea suggestion, seems like a huge error that dates aren’t displayed?

Please update ASAP or at least make it an option?


I prefer ‘five days from now’. If it displayed the date I’d have to check the calendar to see how far away it actually was. An option may be nice, not sure ‘huge error’ is the right description for a lack of that option though!


I just count 5 days from the day I look at it… sometimes use my fingers if it’s too difficult thats because I dont want to look at the calender too.

Personally I dont think its a big issue.


Days is much more helpful than date for me.


My only issue with that would be when the month changes I would need to know how many days are in each month, and 35 years into my time on this earth my brain still refuses to absorb that information


All I know is Feburary has 28 days unless its a leap year, thats it. :cry:


I personally wouldn’t know the date in 5 days from now, but the reminder saying it’s due in X days helps me plan so much better :crossed_fingers:t3:


I prefer days in advance easier for my brain.


Generally, I don’t need to know the specific date and just work out the day ‘in 3 days’. However, I can see how it could be handy. It would be nice to have a toggle in labs for this.

Oh, and for those who forget how many days in each month...

Days in a month can be done on your hands. Knuckle, then between. It is a yearly teaching ritual for me, along with the rhyme.


You know what, this graphic is actually very useful :grin:

“All months have 28 days” rah rah rah

Do we need months? We could just have weeks.

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Can’t we just have it in monzo speak

Payment coming :soon:


I prefer days in advance as it seems convenient. Overall, I do not think it matters.

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Learning the “30 days hath September, April June and November…” rhyme changed everything for me* when I had to start running monthly reports at work and couldn’t just use 31 for the last day of all the months because the software would throw up errors.

And I wasn’t far off 35 at the time either, so it can be done! :slightly_smiling_face:

*disclaimer: some slight hyperbole

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I just do yes no yes no in my head til I get to the month I’m at :joy:

Yes 31
No 30

Feb can’t argue until it’s a leap year.

Surely that fails at August? :sweat_smile:

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Still remember this from junior school

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November,
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February, twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine in each leap year.


An option could be, if you click it, it displays the date?

A built in calendar to tap and open and shows on the calendar when payments are due :raised_hands:t3: