Display Exact Value on Summary Screen

Hello, my first suggestion (there will be more), can the exact value/spend of a category be displayed on the Summary screen. It says I have spent £6.00 on Personal Care, when I have actually spent £6.44.
An accurate value would be appreciated.

I disagree with this

I think having the exact amount would make it feel too cluttered

Maybe if you clicked on an individual category it could give the exact total in there rather than just a list of transactions


If the summary screen already had this function would you consider it too cluttered or just a standard expected feature, something you wouldn’t think twice about?

Why any section of a banking app does not display exact spend/value is beyond astonishing.


There are 15 Categories so it would be too cluttered
I think round to the nearest £1 is reasonable yes

Summary is well a summary
It should at a glance tell you where you are spending the most or least
If I was spending 84.35 on transport vs 24.78 on food out do I care about the pence?
No I care that I am spending about 84 on transport and about 25 on food.

I think clicking on a single category should bring up the exact total as well as a list of the transactions though


I agree with @don_quixote s above post.