Disappointed about communication

I’m an existing Monzo Plus user on the £3 per month option.

My concern is that important communication is being done via this community forum and not more directly. I don’t come here very often, so the “bundles” announcement was unexpected - you haven’t communicated this to me via email or via the app. What I did find today, when I went to update the Monzo app, were instructions about the new bundles and how to get to them (and therefore confusing that I can’t). So I end up here as the only way to find out what bundles were and why I didn’t have the option for them.

As a result we have poor messaging on the app update, as well as to me, as a Monzo user.

As it is, the new bundles are not worthwhile for me but I know that when my current Plus membership comes to an end (in 9 months), that I’ll have to give up what I have, particularly the interest. So, I’ve switched off auto-renew and will drop back to a standard account when that time comes. Which is a shame - I liked the idea of Plus and had been a happy user.


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