ATM Withdrawal Limit


I used to have a gambling issue and that is why I’ve taken out Monzo card, becuase I like the gambling block and the 48 cooling off period.

I am in the process of having my daily (24 hour) ATM withdrawal limit reduced to £50.

One of additional features I would like, is the option of adding a cooling off period of 48 hours to any increases to my ATM withdrawal limit.

Much like switching off my gambling block, if I ask for an increase in my ATM withdrawal limit; after requesting the increase through customer services, I would like a 48 hour cooling off period before the increase happens.

Thank you


The only potential issue I can see with that is if you needed cash urgently (for an emergency) - With no ATM access or branch access, you’d be stuck (unless you transferred to another bank and withdrew, but you could do that anyway).

Either way, welcome to the forum, and good luck with the gambling block :smiley:

Love the idea! It would be a great addition to those who enable the gambling block feature. It would be nice if the cash limit could be reduced automatically as part of enabling the feature / it gives you the preference :slight_smile:


Thanks nickh.

The reason I added to make this 48 hour cooling off period optional is, so that if you can decide if you need the cooling off period.

For me, if I need emergency cash, I have other options, that have safety built in, which I have put in place. So, I could get Emergency Cash, but it involves asking someone that I trust, who will look at why I’m asking for the cash. I need the £50 cooling off period for my day to day account.


That makes a lot of sense! There are a lot of great ideas which would benefit from a “toggle on/off” option.

I guess it adds much more complexity to the app, but as a non coder, I wouldn’t have a clue!

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