Direct debits. Etc

I was thinking if there would be a way to convert a direct debit or even a loan within monzo to match a pay cycle rather than a usual monthly direct debit.
So for example a gym membership comes out monthly but an option could be set up to alter this to 4 weekly / 2 weekly.
It might help people who aren’t good at budgeting (ie. saving money from pay day to pay bills.)
Not sure if it’s even possible or could be done with an auto pot move.
I understand monzo have no control over how other companies set up payment schedules but thought it might be possible to then divide the 12 months into payments that match pay days.
Also the loans within monzo could be offered at different payment schedules to the standard monthly. So you could spread it over weekly payments etc.
Sorry if I’ve not made sense.

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I wonder whether in practice everyone’s needs would be so different that a single feature wouldn’t suit enough scenarios.

I pay Amazon Prime annually, so have £3.25 scheduled to move to a pot every payday, and then on 4th March £39 will automatically be withdrawn.

You could do the same thing, but add to the pot weekly instead. Will be even better when direct debits can be linked to come directly from a pot. :soon:?

Might be fiddly to work out initially - but could be a work around if that’s how you want to budget.

Yeah makes sense when direct debits can come out of pots.
Wondered if there would be a way to automate it for people so they could ie set up a pot.
Say the total needed in the pot each month and monzo would do rest.

How do you get Amazon Prime for £39?

My Amazon asks for £79!

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Probably prime student

I definitely don’t qualify for that! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Oh, Prime Student is half price. :+1:t3:

I’ll happily learn Prime for a huge discount :joy:


I believe that there are very, very cheap online courses that you can sign up to that make you a student. You can then take advantage of deals like this and more.


I’m no longer a student… but when I went to unsubscribe from Prime to cut down on my expenditure, they offered Prime Student to me and didn’t do anything to validate that I was a student :eyes:


I would quite like something like this for my water bills. The supplier insists on direct debits over 10 months but I would prefer to spread payments from my current account over 12 months.