[Implemented] Direct Debits - arrange into date order

Hi all,

I’ve been looking around for a few days on how to organise my Direct Debits under “scheduled payments” into date order as opposed to alphabetical with no luck.

I have quite a number of direct debits and having them in alphabetical order serves no purpose to me, but having them in date of order of when they are next expected to occur, would be invaluable.

Apologies if someone has already suggested this but I have not been able to locate it if they have.




They should all be sorted in date order already unless they have never been taken before. For non recurring direct debits they will be in last paid order


They’ve all been taken before but still show the list of 20+ direct debits in alphabetical order with the next expected date next to the company.


Hmm are you on iOS or Android? @daniel.cannon any ideas?

This is how mine look


My standing orders look like your list however my direct debits are as the image I’ve attached (?)

It’s the direct debits I’m referring to.

That’s mostly direct debits. Audible and scotrail are repeating debit card transactions. Looks like it’s a difference between iOS and Android :confused: