Direct Debit early visibility

Not sure if this is new functionality, but noticed it yesterday, i.e. American Express due to take £100 tomorrow.

Not quite as pleasant as getting your salary early, but very reassuring to know that figures from Amex match their ask. Yay for digital!


It’s not new. But nice to see.

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You’ll also be notified if your direct debit amount is going to differ from the previous month ahead of the money being taken.

Not so useful for American Express, but as you can imagine it’s useful for things like phone bills which you’d normally expect to be a consistent amount.

I like notifications about DD amount change…
Received notification from Monzo - Virgin Media hiked the price😡 I have to pay £3.50 more from tomorrow

Yeah, this is definitely something that I like about the software, not aware that any other bank (Of the traditional kind) that does this.

Also, the early notification of BACS payments coming in, whether you take the opportunity for early payment or not, is also excellent as you can be more aware of needing to take mitigating actions if required.

I avoided the temptation to take my ESA payment earlier yesterday thinking I would let it go in while I was asleep…little did I know I wouldn’t sleep until 3am anyway…not that the last bit is particularly releveant.

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