Direct debit date wrong

Hi team, Have a talk talk DD coming out on the 3rd (as scheduled for). But apparently it’s coming out tomorrow for some reason, with not enough money till Friday to pay, as I have arranged!

Can’t see chat to ask what’s wrong. Any ideas?

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The date DDs are requested is set by the company, not your bank. You can’t change this on your end. With most companies if it bounces they’ll try again, or ask you to log in online and make a manual card payment. I’d get in touch with TalkTalk and ask them why it’s coming out early, and when they’ll retry it.


you need to call TalkTalk as its always the company that calls for the Direct Debit
the bank only pay it when asked.

Monzo will NOT charge you for a DD that is declined

you can talk to Monzo from the HELP ? tab at bottom - then scroll down to bottom
(chat with us)


This part isn’t true for everyone any more. If the Chat with us button isn’t at the bottom of the help tab, you have to do a search for a help article called “Contacting support” and press the “Get in touch” button in that article